Top Nigerian female celebrities and their signature hairstyles (photos)



Top Nigerian female celebrities: Branding in Nigeria, and even across the world, doesn’t just rest on the actual output of an individual. Sometimes, the individual also has to embody the brand and create an image of what the brand looks like with themselves. This they do with their styles. We have seen different kind of styles as representatives of the brands of our favourite celebrities. We have DJ Spinall and his cap, Banky W and his cap, and so much more.

When it comes to the ladies, however, their hairstyles usually do most of the work. Here are a few Nigerian female celebrities and their signature hairstyles.

Yemi Alade


Yemi Alade has successfully branded herself as “Mama Africa” over the years, and she still continues to do so today. Through her style and the kinds of songs she sings, she makes sure she carries the African brand to the fullest.


Asa is another true creative that Nigeria has been lucky to have. The talented singer is known for her kinky dreads and she absolutely looks stunning in it.


Never one that shoots at the spotlight, her sense of style is just perfect for her kind of music and it looks absolutely great on her. Nobody rocks it better than she does.

Stephanie Coker


Stephanie Coker is the former MTV Base and now Nigerian Idol host that has a style that can warm hearts. She embodies luxury and she isn’t afraid to steal the spotlight wherever she finds herself.


As for her trademark hairstyle, you would almost never find her without the coolest braid hairstyles on the planet. She changes the colours but the style remains. Nobody rocks braids better than this babe and it is no surprise that she runs a very successful crochet company.

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TY Bello


A little bit different from the rest, TY Bello who is a popular Nigerian photographer and musician, rocks a full afro wherever she is. If you doubt it, try running a search for her name on any search engine and taking a look at the images that pop up.


Is this the only hairstyle she does ever?! Her style suits her really well and only true creative visionaries can rock this hairstyle like she does.


There is no completing this list without mentioning the ever hot and ever talented Eva. The popular Nigerian rapper and makeup artist had made a name for herself because of her wonderful hairstyle.


It is crazy, it is different, and if you are not Eva, the chances that you’ll actually get away with it are super slim. The crazy hairstyle totally matches her personality not in a way that means she’s crazy, but because Eva is bold, creative, and never afraid to make a statement.

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