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Kizz Daniel No Bad Songz Album Review

Kizz Daniel announced he would be dropping an album earlier this year and released the cover art and the title of the album in August.

Ever since, the anticipation has grown for its’ release. One could attribute this not only to the credibility built by Kizz Daniel over the last couple of years, for his melodious delivery and Hit Making prowess, but also to the daunting claim the title of the album seems to make.

A title Like ‘No bad Songz’ from an artiste like Kizz Daniel is like an Mbappe letting football fans know prior to a game that he would score two hat tricks. You do not exactly doubt his ability to deliver such but then again it builds your anticipation to see him pull it off. (Now Back to the Music )

One can definitely agree that Kizz Daniel has come a long way from his debut album New Era, as we cannot forget the successes of tracks Like Laye , Woju and Mama as well as his fire collaboration with Dj Shabsy and Sugar Boy under his former label G-worldwide, which was a street anthem for a very long time.

After his problems with the label that led to his departure and name change from Kiss Daniel to Kizz Daniel (which sounds kind of razz if you ask me, but then again we get the idea behind it), We have experienced another side of Kizz as we can sense that he is in control now and buzzing with more confidence.

He also seems more open to features and has appeared on a number of features recently, which have been massive, and have fuelled the buzz around this album. My most played song which he featured on recently has to be ‘Loyal’, which is owned by Major Lazer and also features Dancehall Mystro, Kranium.
A few weeks before the album dropped, Kizz Daniel released a track off the project which featured Davido and that was a madness, judging by the reception the single received. The 20 track album No Bad Songz finally hit the public on the 30th of November 2018. Here is my review of the Album:

1. Gods : This is a great intro for the album. This fire track produced by Runtinz has Kizz Daniel starting off with a rather unserious intro to the song where he is laughing and jokingly calling out his name. Afterwards, as soon as Runtinz drops the snares on this track, things get serious. Kizz Daniel starts giving props to the “gods” on the Hook, asking for direction and for them to guide his path. He also talks about his struggles a little bit and how far he has come against all odds, as he sings “No love for the streets, No love for the boy”. This is a very captivating track and could be stuck in your head for a very long time, especially that particular ad-lib that sounds something like “alu bem bem, odi bem bem”, Forgive me if I got that wrong. Amazing track.

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2. No Do : The second track produced by Philkeyz, titled ‘No Do’ was previously released as a single, so most people are familiar with it already. This is a very conscious song that preaches contentment as he sings “No go dey do pass yourself” and “feel good it’s a happy day”. Philkeyz is also crazy with the instrumental on this one. If the instrumental gave you nostalgia on first listen, but you do not know where you heard that particular sound from ? Well it’s from the Tales by moonlight theme song from back in the day. Incredible yeah? Felt good to connect that.

3. Tere: This third track is so gooooood. As soon as the beat drops, I bet you’d be dancing instantly. It has a bit of that Laye/Woju feel, I almost thought it was produced by Dj coublon. However it was produced by Magic and he sure did an amazing job on this one. Kizz Daniel is really just having fun on this track. He talks about his submission to a girl he has fallen for as he sings “Any where you put me, I go dey, I no want chioma, I no want sarafina” so if you’re a chioma or sarafina and you were crushing on Kizz, he says you’re cancelled. Kizz Daniel also infuses the song from the funny video that went viral where a man was singing “your idea is good too”, into his verse, and that was pretty funny for those who can relate. Diamond Platinumz Came through with that Sauce as usual, singing “baby you’re so sweet I call you jollof rice”. His verse on this joint was a madness. This song is most likely going to be all over our ears in a few months.

4. One Ticket: The fourth track off this album needs no introduction. This Song was released as a single prior to the release of this album, and also has a dope video out. It features Davido and they both killed this amazing joint produced by Major Bangz. They both talk about girls they love , but these girls don’t reciprocate the love, rather they only ask them for money every time, and so they are ready to boot them out if they do not act right. No time!

5. Oyibe: When you hear that Shabalistical!!!! You know it’s a killer tune , ( pun intended ). This amazing song produced by Kilertunez has such a sick instrumental that if Kizz Daniel came and hummed throughout the track, we might still have a hit. However Kizz Daniel isn’t just humming as he has a lot of wise words for his listeners on this track, teaching us the importance of making money while we are young. It is a Lovely Shabalistical tune.

6. Time No Dey : This track has a very dancehall/reggae ring to it. Kizz Daniel tells short stories on the verses and then takes us back to the chorus “time no dey”. He’ll leave you singing that even after the song ends. It’s a smooth track

7. Maye: When Kizz Daniel and Dj Coublon Link up, you know it’s about to be a madness. This track has elements of the real afrobeat. Kizz Daniel blesses this track with amazing vocals especially backup vocals which complement the instrumental so well. On the track he talks about a girl who’s in love with material things and he does not mind giving her what she wants to get what he wants. I’m not really in love with the topic of the track, but the instrumental and backup vocals are so superb.

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8. Bad : This Track features Uk Rapper Wretch 32 and was produced by Major Bangz. It’s a solid jam for the slow winds. You want to be at the back of a mean booty when this song comes on. Wretch 32 delivered a killer verse on it, and both artistes complemented each other on the track. Dope!

9. Ghetto : When you hear Kizz Daniel, you do not really associate that with the hood or a ghetto, but Kizz shows us that side of him on this track, talking about where he comes from and his experiences. He also features Nasty C on this one, who blesses the track by picking up on Kizz Daniel’s vibe and lacing a smooth singing verse to create a masterpiece.

10. Somebody Dey : Shabalistical! The tempo picks up again on this song produced by Killer Tunez. It’s an amazing tune for the clubs and parties. It features Demmy Vee and Dj Xclusive. You would be partying to this December and into the year 2019.

11. Ayee : This song starts off with Kizz Daniel teasing us with what sounds like the opening lines and tune of the classic song by Marc Anthony titled ‘I need you’, when he sings “from the moment I met you”. Afterwards, he goes on about how the girl has changed his life and how much he wants her, wooing her with cheeky lines like “can I be the sugar to your tea” and “can I be the pee pee to your wee”. It’s an average song to be honest.

12. Happy : Kizz Daniel links up with Pheelz Mr Producer on this one. Pheelz delivers a dope instrumental comprising mainly of Kicks, claps and something that sounds very much like a xylophone or marimba, setting the stage for kizz Daniel to lace it with his melodious vocals. He doesn’t disappoint as he does just that on this track.

13. Ja : The way this songs starts off is so sinister and scary but groovy at the same time and has such a tribal feel to it. Kizz Daniel seizes the opportunity to preach his gospel on this track , as he talks about the state of things in the country, with topics like insecurity, the police and elections. It’s a very good song but just in case you get the vibe when you listen to this that some bad juju people are coming for you through your headphones or speakers., you are not alone.

14. Madu : This song is not for your kids to listen to, if they are not 18 and over. Kizz Daniel talks about wanting to use his silence to shift a woman’s womb on this one, hmm I don’t know what that means.

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15. Poko : Kizz Daniel Links With MOG to create another jam for the babes to kill the men on the dance floor with sick grinds. Watch out for this one when you’re in the club with that lady. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

16. Ikwe : This is a huge dancehall tune, which features Diplo of Major Lazer, who also co produced the song with Jaypizzle. Kizz is guilty of flipping another classic on this one. (seems to be the in thing these days) He reminds us of Shaggy’s hit track ‘It wasn’t me’, as he coasts through this dancehall beat. It is a great song and one that would rock speakers in various continents.

17. Necesari : Philkeyz produced this piece. The song starts off with Philkeyz’s vocals on a cool verse and an addictive hook. After the hook phases out, kizz Daniel shows his mastery by coming with a very interesting melody on the second verse and then delivers the hook by himself this time. It is a dope track but I feel like its’ position on the album should have been higher and not the 17th track.

18. Over : Kizz Daniel Sought the Dj coublon effect on this song again, and they definitely created something dope with this. However Kizz Daniel Is not really saying anything new on this track and this track can easily be skipped while listening to the album at a stretch. It would be more enjoyable listening to it on another day as a single track.

19. Kojo : Seeing the title of this jam, and seeing that Sarkodie features on it. You probably expected something Ghanaian or a lot of GH elements. However, This is a slow track produced by Philkeyz and ‘Kojo’ on this track is actually Kizz Daniel saying “wa ko jo “ which translates to come and dance. Sarkodie killed his verse as usual and they both created a dope track with this one

20. Tobi : The final track on the album produced by Dj Coublon has a strong reggae vibe and ups the tempo again, packing stories, wisdom and prayers to bring the album to a great climax.


Positives: A great sophomore album, with very dope features and Solid Instrumentals.

This album is too long and has a few tracks that would be forgotten in no time. It does not sound like it will make the kind of impact that would make it referred to as a classic , 10 years from now .
The Album Title might have been good for publicity but I doubt any one can put out a 20 track project with ‘No bad Songz’ maybe he should have picked another title.

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