Why Do Some Men Beat Their Wives?

Why Do Some Men Beat Their Wives?

Why Do Some Beat Their Wives?

Someone wants to hear from you all about why men beat their wives.

So yesterday precisely around 11:36pm I heard voices and woman crying, I came out of my flat and found out that it was my neighbour who was seriously beating his wife.

He even injured her so badly, when I saw the man, I felt so acrimonious as to why a man will beat his wife as if she was his daughter and even if she was, you don’t even have the right to beat her anyhow.

I’m not here to justify any woman here because i know that women can be so annoying but at the same time i believe that there are more than 100 ways to deal with a woman instead of hitting her.

I don’t just get it why do men beat their women because when they do they will still come back and ask for forgiveness but what happens to thinking about the END first before hitting her?

kindly state your reasons in the comment box


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