M.I Abaga Talks on Nasty C Being called Africa’s Best Rapper


For many years, veteran Nigerian rapper M.I Abaga has been considered to be the best in Africa. But in recent times, that title has come under threat from a young rapper from South Africa named .

Nasty has been hailed by many of his musician colleagues some of whom are from Nigeria as being the in Africa at the moment.

in a recent interview revealed that he doesn’t want to always be the best rapper in Africa. Instead he wants to always do his best. He also gave props to Nasty C.

“Nasty C is taking rap music to another level right now; he is doing a great job. I cannot count how many times Wizkid has called me the biggest rapper in Africa.

“It is unwise to want to be called the best all the time. I think my focus now is always to do my best, not to be the best. I am a big fan of Nasty C and I appreciate everything he does.

“Since I called out Nigerian rappers to fix up their lives, I have seen changes. I believe that we have great and talented rappers in Nigeria; I was just trying to wake them up from their slumber,” he told Punch.

The Chocolate City Boss also spoke on his latest album and why he chose to address a range of topics. “This album is more personal to me and deeper than my previous albums. I like you to listen to it and tell me what you feel about it. I talked about mental health, low self-esteem, depression and other issues people battle with every day. I like all the songs; I don’t have a favourite track.

“The concept of the song where I talked about s*x is to pass a message to people who pretend. Of course, when we send it to radio stations, we will censor some parts. As an artiste, you make choices creatively in what you do. If you listen to the song from the beginning to the end, you will understand what I am trying to do. But I am aware that not everyone will agree with what I do.”

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