LADIES!! 5 Reasons Why You Have Painful Penetration During S*X – See A Doctor If You Notice #2 & #5


Discomfort or pain during sxual intercourse or penetration may occur, even when it seems like your body is ready. If penetration is very painful during sx, you should find out what the cause is and what can be done about it. Here are some reasons below

1. Vaginismus
Women’s difficulty with penetration is sometimes attributed to vaginismus, believed to be a strong, involuntary tightening of the vaginal muscles, a spasm of the outer third of the vagina.

2. Infection
Some vaginal infections—like monilia (yeast) or trichomoniasis—can be present even when you can’t see any signs. The friction of a penis, dildo, or finger moving on the vulva or in the vagina might cause the infection to flare up, resulting in stinging and itchiness. Herpes sore on the external genitals can make friction painful.

3. Insufficient Lubrication
In most women, the wall of the vagina responds to arousal by producing a liquid that moistens the vagina and its entrance, making penetration easier. Sometimes there isn’t enough lubrication — you may need more time for stimulation, or you may be nervous or tense.

Insufficient lubrication can also be caused by lowered levels of estrogen, which can make vaginal tissue more fragile and affect the vaginal walls in such a way that less liquid is produced.

4. First-time intercourse
The first few times you have intercourse or experience vaginal penetration, you may feel small to moderate amount of pain at the entrance to the vagina. There can be some bleeding or no bleeding at all—both are normal. The reasons for the pain are not always clear, but it is typically temporary.

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An unstretched hymen (vaginal corona) has typically been blamed for this pain at first penetration.

5. Vulvodynia
Vulvodynia is a catchall term describing a chronic vulvar pain that has no identifiable cause.

When the pain occurs around the vaginal opening (the vestibule) upon being touched or pressed, it’s referred to as localized vulvodynia. (Older terms for this condition include vestibulodynia, vulvar vestibulitis, or localized vulvar dysesthesia).

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