Hushpuppi Shares An Interesting Story On How Made One Of His Fan A Millionaire


Hushpuppi Shares An Interesting Story On How Made One Of His Fan A Millionaire
Flamboyant Nigerian man, Hushpuppi, has claimed he made a fan of his a millionaire today, April 7.

According to the Dubai-based Instagram celebrity, he decided to give the fan money after other Instagram users mocked the fan for praying for him – Huspippi, instead of praying for himself.

Read Hushpuppi’s story below:-

Let me tell you a short story you can learn a thing or two from

Instagram is a place where a lot of losers find confidence in trolling people which I have been a victim of for many years.

Some words gets to me sometimes and because of this I disabled my IG notifications and stay away from reading comments because I know what you don’t see or hear don’t get to your heart.

Then on this beautiful day few days ago, I wanted to delete the post on my newly acquired rolls royce truck and a comment cme in right at that moment of someine commenting under another fan’s comment trolling them.

It said “… Poor man praying for the rich” so it caught my interest and wanted to see what was going on and then i saw someone else before that one even already dissed him about the same.

Then I took a screenshot and saved in my favs in my photo album so I can see it again and remember to reach out to that awesome and amazing person who prayed for me regardless of his financial status and being called poor.

Then this morning I was looking through my phone and O saw the screenshot and I decided to dm that guy who prayed for me and without knowing it was his birthday and he shares the same birthday with his dad and I wished them happy birthday and …..

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I decided to make his day and make him a millionaire and make him know there’s a win in being a positive person, there’s good in wishing and praying good for people no matter your situation, don’t let it get the best of you. Be positive, Be prayerful.

See the screenshot of the man’s comment:-

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