Hire Web Designer or Developer

Hire Web Designer or Developer

Hire Web Designer or Developer in Nigeria


Oliverkahn Danny a.k.a Mr_Cyborg is  a Web Designer/Developer/Seo Master in Nigeria, an Electrical & Electronic Engineer, an Embedded Sytem developer and a Certified C/C++ programmer with great passion for computer, gadgets and technology @ large.

What I do?

I provide a wide variety of  IT Solutions but on this page let’s deal with one am really good at. Do you Need a Web Designer or Developer/Seo Master  who can work for you anywhere? I am your best candidate, Hire me now!  I am a Professional Web Developer and a C/c++ programmer, i play well with various web technologies ranging from PHP, Jquery, MySQL, CSS3, HTML 5,C,C++, Content Management Systems etc. These are skills i have employed in deploying various web/software solutions across the World. That will be all for now :), see you on the inside. Feel free to ask for my portfolio.

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Need a Web Designer / Developer ?

Mail me: admin@naijaflavour.com
Phone : +2349066092258 (Available on whatsapp)


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