Choristers Refuse To Attend Member’s Funeral Because He Owed Choir Due Before His Death


A man identified as Ifeanyị Ọnwụnemea has taken to Facebook to express his anger on case of a boy whom his choir members refused to show up at his burial just because he owed Choir dues before his demise. According to the man who narrated the story, the late Chima was even an orphan and it was so sad that his own colleagues could do this to him. Even those that showed up at he Funeral allegedly came to show pretence.

The man, who was obviously disappointed at their action went ahead to decry the attitudes of church goers, especially the modern day Church members

He wrote:

Because Chima couldn’t pay all his Choir dues, his Church Choir – Immaculate Conception Parish, Owerri – refused to attend and sing at his Burial Mass.

Some of the said Parish members only arrived at his graveside just to show pretence.

That’s too bad for a boy who had been an ORPHAN.

Sincerely, the Catholic Church is gradually becoming a monumental disappointment.


The post got a lot of negative reviews from his friends who pointed out that most people are only in the church nowadays to simply obey the commandments of going to church and not acting what is being preached in the church.

Let's hear your thought about this post.


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