7 Things To Do Before You Think Of Cheating


See 7 Things To Do Before You Think Of Cheating

Personally, I think cheating is a concept accurately applicable to the Married Couples and those Engaged only because you are bound to him or her by a legal or religious oath.

Unlike Bf/Gf relationships, So why keep a promise you never made by being faithful?

Now to the Married and Engaged, have you ever being tempted to cheat on your partner? Probably yes, it goes beyond the actual act of sex most times, to include mesmerizing about a “hot” colleague or neighbour, sending obscene pictures of yourself to another person, to sex chatting, viewing pornography content without your spouse etc.

My question to the Married and Engaged is, is it worth it cheating on your spouse? to those who have one time or another cheated before, is it worth it, really? be sincere with yourself,would you go back to correct your mistake if you can? It takes the grace of God yes,but we should also have checks and balances in our lives that makes it easier for us to overcome certain things.
Whenever you are tempted to cheat on your spouse,in your matrimonial home, at your work place, while on a journey far from the comfort and caress of your wife or while on a business trip outside the country,just try as much to think about the following:

  1. Think about the day you proposed to her,the desperation you had and all you went through to make her say yes. Its a golden memory, dont throw it down the mud by cheating.

  2. Think about the Oath you took in the presence of God on your wedding day,either in church/Mosque or Court to stay faithful to her alone

  3. Think about disappointing those who spent their time and money (transport and gifts) just to attend your wedding,when they hear your marriage has crashed because you cheated.

  4. Think about your kids, who will grow up with the sad knowledge that their parents divorced because their dad or mum cheated.

  5. Think about the guilt that will permeate your whole being after cheating on your spouse (for those who still have conscience)

  6. Think about the fact that your attraction to your wife/husband decreased, not because he/she is no longer handsome/beautiful, but because of familiarity and your attraction to the new lady/man is due to initial infatuation.

  7. Think about the minutes you will spend having sex, like is it really worth throwing everything you have (Happy home) away for?

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